SSL Installation


Attract More Visitors • Improve Trust • Increase Security

SSL Installation and Maintenance

$75 $50/year

Attract More Visitors
• Improve Trust •
Increase Security

If you’re like most of the people who seek my help, you’re focused on the incredible product or service that you offer the world. You know your website is an integral part of your business, but you glaze over when people start talking about how to “optimize your visitors’ experience” so that they want to buy from you.

Of course, what you offer is your keystone, but even when people want it, you still have to convince them that you’re trustworthy. Luckily, your SSL certificate is one element of trust that can easily be baked directly into your site.

Hackers, phishers and scammers are lurking in internet transactions everywhere. They are trying to steal from your clients and customers while they’re doing business with you.

They scan your website.
They want your data.
They want your clients’ data.
They want to sell it to the highest bidder.

Google knows this is such a big problem that they now push you to the bottom of the “research results” pile if you don’t give your customers a secure experience.

Websites that do have a Secure badge.
Websites that don’t may outright tell you NOT SECURE.

Which one makes you feel better about entering your personal details, including your credit card information?

(What if you were one of the 41 million American who have had their identity stolen?)

“I didn’t know any better,” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Now for the good news.

Fixing this easier than you think.
Cheaper too.

Maybe you’ve seen special offers discounting a $350 charge to $250. Enticements like “we’ll comb every page to make sure it’s safe.”

I laughed.


Because I know that it doesn’t take $350 worth of time and effort to encrypt most sites.

There’s a good chance your site doesn’t need an expensive certificate, unless you have many subdomains or you consider yourself a big bussiness. Further, your site probably doesn’t require “combing every page,” especially if you’re on WordPress.

That’s why I created this special offer: to help secure your site quickly at an affordable price.

I’m ready to attract more visitors, improve trust and increase security on my website!

Why You Need an SSL Certificate

The Secure badge brings your website and your brand important benefits.

  • Google Search Rankings

    Google loves SSL–because it means they can offer you search results that are safer to use. That’s why they give sites with SSL encryption higher search rankings than sites without.

  • User Trust

    First impressions are important! When show your customers that you take their security and privacy seriously, they are more likely to purchase from you and recommend you to their friends.

  • Look more professional

    Giving your visitors a trustworthy experience shows that you know what you’re doing as a business owner. That makes you look professional, even if you work in your PJs.

  • Attract More Shoppers

    Your SSL secured site will rank higher in search results and shoppers will be more likely to trust your business when they know their data is protected when shopping on your site.

  • Increased Visitor Loyalty

    Users who trust your site are more likely to return and recommend your services to their friends.

  • End-to-End Encryption

    Sensitive info transmitted in plain-text makes your customers vulnerable to snoopers. Lock down every form on your website to stop them. No exceptions!

  • Required for Credit Card Transations

    Once customers are on your sales page, you want to keep them there. That means accepting credit card payments directly from your checkout page. You can’t do that without an SSL certificate.

SSL Installation Includes:

  • Specific recommendations regarding which certifciate you should buy from a 3rd party or if a free option is available — you need to own your own certificate — do not buy it from the person who installs it!! The recommendation I make will be based on your existing site and your personal needs. You might be able to use a FREE certificate, or one that costs as little as $10/year.
  • Installation of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to your webserver.
  • Redirection of all traffic to your new HTTPS encryted site.
  • Fixing coding issues that arise from adding an “s” to your url.
  • Up to 50 pages/posts on most platforms. WordPress sites may have higher limits.

Why is this Beta?

I believe in bringing SSL Encryption to everyone at as affordable a price as possible. I’m trying to create a product that works for the largest number of people possible without putting me in the hole with special, unforeseen considerations.

As part of the beta, you can be certain that you will receive a functioning site with SSL encryption, no matter how long it takes me. This is the commitment I’m making to you in return for you help as I test the theory that I can offer this product at the price listed across the board without restrictions or caveats.

Once You Place Your Order…

I will confirm it and we’ll get going. I’ll ask you about your personal circumstances so I can make a recommendation. You will give me access to the parts of your site that I need to get the job done.

Delivery times for the final product will depend on the speed of communication, number of pages to set up and how long it takes you to get the SSL certificate.

Resist the urge to do this yourself.

I’m ready to convert my site to https!